Under the Tuscan Sun was all it’s cracked up to be! It was to be about the marriage, not just the wedding. Yes, friends and family yearned to be at their sides, but Alexandra and Mark committed to cultivating a private moment between two people in love under the Tuscan sun. While a piece of their hearts remained at their home in Miami, the hills of Tuscany welcomed them with open arms as they wedded in Italy.

The night before the wedding, they sipped on local wine and talked amongst family and friends at an intimate rehearsal dinner in Florence. They promised to make each other better, to refine the process of loving each other, and remain steadfast in their desires for adventure and unpredictability. Alexandra tossed her head back and laughed to the point of tears when she witnessed all the stories that her father was laying on all her friends to hear.

Nestled in the rolling landscape of Fiesole and Florence, a castle sat on the property of Castello Di Vincigliata. It was the perfect location for a wedding and contained hundreds of years of history. Together, the bride and groom recounted their vows and promised their love to each other. Lastly, I must comment of the exquisite wedding dress Alexandra rocked!!! The gown was from Lea-Ann Belter Bridal Shoppe in Toronto and every guest was shell-shocked by the beauty that Alexandra reflected.